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PRESS RELEASE: I hate Superhumans! a DIFFERENT kind of harem comic

Titan Graeves hates superhumans, it's a pity he now owns The Neon Halo a supervillain Inn.

I Hate Superhumans!:
Titan Graeves witnessed the death of his parents when popular superhero Captain Awesome fell on them and crushed them to death. Without so much as an apology, The Captain took to the skies skirting any responsibility for his actions. needless to say Titan has very good reasons to hate superhumans. One year later Titan loses all his possession when the bank forecloses on his parents home. With nowhere to go, he turns to his outcast grandmother for a place to stay. little does he know his grandmother is renowned super villain Granny Gravez. she gives him the key to her home turned inn (called the neon halo super housing complex). the worst is still to come. the Neon Halo is a housing complex for (hark!) Super Villains!!! What will titan do? how will he cope?! will he be able to keep at bay his intense hatred for all superhumans?!


I hate Superhumans!: an older teen-rated superhero/harem/comedy webcomic.


I hate Superhumans! is the product of writer/artist/creator Andeh Pinkard(Mega Maiden, The Goddamn Panty Brigade). This isn't you're older bro's Harem comic! Welcome to I Hate Superhumans!, Geek riot Comics' First phase two comic from it's shared universe initiative. it's sister book being Mega Maiden and the chop chop princess. While Mega maiden focuses on teh struggles of uprising superheroes, I hate Superhumans will focus on the trials and tribulations of uprising super villains as seen through the eyes of protagonist Titan Graeves a man who has a deep hate for all superhumans.

Pinkard, whose art is highly influenced by the urban art and manga styled comic art of the late 90s, set out to find his own rightly tuned version of Punk rock and manga influenced comic art. Over the years he's learned a lot through trial and error, during his almost nine-year run on shonen punk. Pinkard hopes to deliver the adventure and excitement he enjoyed from light-hearted Superhero comics of his youth and the harem anime/manga genre that inspired I hate Superhumans!whilst keeping his low-brow style of humor intact for the ride.

I hate superhumans! will be presented in english with updates every week.

You can learn more about I hate superhumans!

and you can contact Andeh Pinkard via and on twitter teh_andeh

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Submitted on
July 19, 2013